Unfinished Projects.

Do y'all have that problem? Too many ideas, too little time? We have so much footage and too many pictures that I am so overwhelmed. I have all these unfinished projects all over the place! Today I was organizing some photos and found these photos from Nashville. I don't think I ever got around to posting what we wanted... When we found this old motel tons of ideas went through my head!!!

I would love to come back here and shoot a scary short film. Just walking around here was creepy. Some of the doors were opened, furniture was still in the rooms....EEEEEEK!
Maybe even come back here and shoot a look book? We just have to find the time, and the right team to just do it! Omg I did not just try and sound like a Nike commercial. Anyway.. I am trying to make more time for creating and finishing projects.

 Cindy Crawford? hahaha

Wouldn't this be perfect for a scary movie?!! I say we do it!
We still have street style posts that are long overdue....I apologize. I need to just edit our roadtrip footage already!  I am so crazy busy that Kelly told me yesterday that I need to learn how to tell people "No." So here is to putting priorities first!
I would love any tips on how to do this:) hahaha.