SFP: Just a few Film shots in the water.

  Friday- Jacob hanging at the river
 Usually we float the river but since we haven't had rain in months it's too low, but it's all good, this river spot was so much fun! We all had fun taking turns on the rope.
 I'm just soaking up the sun.
 Saturday- on Canyon Lake we had 13 people,  2 boats, beautiful water mixed in with a little cray cray. Good times!
Oh man the video's from this trip...
Saturday- after the lake we wanted to go back to the river spot for more fun in the sun, but after an hour or so, the majority of us ended up having nap time.

 Music. Water. Sun. SFP. what more could you want on the weekend?
matching cutie pies

We couldn't decide which shots from the river and the lake that we wanted to post because there is seriously thousands. We are actually still uploading them and then there's all the editing... UGH! Last night Lonnie emailed some film shots he took from the weekend and it made our night! We just took him to the airport Monday night and he already had these developed and sent over. Awesome dude. Wishishing that all the photo's were from film... That boy has mad skillzzzz with the camera, check out his site HERE.

Which do you prefer? Film or Digital?

to be continued...