This week we had another Kevin Murphy hair class which always gets our creative juices flowing! 
 3 different looks/3 beautiful friends for models.  Umbe had the perfect hair for look #1. I call it NIGHT FEVER! 
Her hair is fine but beautiful. So girls if you don't have thick worries, you can totally fake it!
Kevin Murphy educator, Tim Abney (from Seattle) showed us the way.
I mean come on now? Let's bring back the slumber parties where we roll each others hair! 
They called these scrunchies TEXTURE BANDS, this is the only time where I will say this is acceptable. Otherwise BURN THOSE SCRUNCHIES!!!
After you take out the rollers, use a wide tooth comb and smooth it out. Dab some easy rider in your hands and comb through hair. People always tell me that they can never get their hair to look and feel like how it is when they leave the salon.... 1 word. PRODUCT.
you can make this look more manicured and pretty or....
you can flip your hair upside down, shake it up, spray some hair resort SPRAY and fro it out!
This is by far my favorite way to rock this look! DUH.
Now all we need is our high waisted mom butt jeans and some some wedges to get our NIGHT FEVER on!

I almost know how to do this dance:) Sometimes I'm practicing in front of the mirror and I forget that the blinds are open. I'm sure my neighbors think I'm lame. Who cares! 

I will post the two other looks this weekend or next week....Can't give away all the goodies.

Would you wear your hair like this?