24: Year Of The Turtle

I am officially 24 years young. In a nutshell, 23 had a strong start with my move to Nashville, but then crashed and burned along with some dreams. Last month I came up with a new goal/dream and I won't be able to tell you for a few months because I need some time to get my ducks in a line. I will tell you that it's awesome.

June 29th started with Birthday pancakes! Trust me, there is no better start to a day.

The Little Turtle That Could(n't) - Why it's my year of the turtle. Feel free to skip over.
It wasn't even 9am and my day took a tragic turn. I went outside to feed Zeyk and Shadow and as I was pouring fresh water into the doggie dish, I saw a yuck lump out of the corner of my eye. When I focused in on it, I could make out a turtle but I still couldn't tell if it was dead or alive. It's shell was cracked, ants were crawling all over it and so far I hadn't seen it move. I'm about to cry, and then it's head moves! There's hope (or so I thought). I ran inside and started filling up pots and pans with water to dump on the turtle. Once I start cleaning the guy off, I can see his shell is super cracked and he's missing a leg. Hope shrivels and the tears start building. I asked my mom to come look and she pretty much had the same initial reaction as me... WE ARE VERY SENSITIVE, but this dang turtle is on my door step suffering up to his death. Our neighbor Sye (sorry, spelling most likely incorrect) came over with a bag, took one look and said 'oh yeah this guy is going to die' then jokingly asked us for a shotgun. I tried to be polite and let out a giggle or something, but it was more like a muffled, crying chuckle. Sye picked up the turtle and I went inside crying like a baby. No really, my mom even said 'come give me a hug.' As I'm typing this I'm laughing at myself... Anyway, the story ends with Brandi screaming at me from upstairs 'STOP TALKING ABOUT THE TURTLE! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT DYING TURTLES WHEN I FIRST WAKE UP!!!!' I follow up with 'AT LEAST YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO FIND THE DYING TURTLE!' and all is right in the universe once again.

Everything post turtle trauma was awesome. I know this year is going to be a good one and I'd like to think the turtle had something to do with it because I have this illness that makes me attach purpose to everything, so let me have it.

Brandi and I hung out with my brother, shopped, got the best pedicures ever (brandi goes about five hours without ruining hers) and made a trip to the gym and then got ready for what I thought would be dinner with Mama G, Brandi, my friend Peter and his lady love Katy. Since I haven't spent a birthday in Houston since my 18th, I didn't expect anything especially since most of my friends are scattered out around the US, but Brandi never lets a good reason for a party go to waste. When Mama G and I showed up to Brasil for dinner it was already dark so when I was walking out to the patio all I saw were flashes from iphones and masks. SURPRISE! When I got closer to the table, I saw that they were wearing my face on their faces like so...

(In the mask photo, I was giving my best while Salvador Dali)

Before you look any further, please know that it was 100+ and humid as heck because we live off the Gulf Coast. We really are not this shiny all the time :)

I don't know what Katie M would say (girl on left), but I thought it was so fun!

John Korey Prescott crashing the party

Aubrey and the cutest Baby Bird in all the land, Gemma
This little thang was munching on ice and pickles all night. poor booger probably has some teeth coming in.

Cousin Darin Lee and the lovable Chloe Cash Nettles

Petey and his pretty lady Katy

and at the 'man corner' we have Justin, Jacob, and Wes

Taylor Lee and Miss James
John Korey Prescott in the background... 

Of course I wasn't far from the wine and pizza! Mama G, Andie Marquez and Me.

We shiny people like to stick together

All the early birds left around 11pm because it was a midweek party, but the rest of us joined up with some more folks at The Stag's Head where the fun continued with Mamavette. I spent almost the entire day in bed yesterday sleeping and re-energizing. 

Birthday shot: The Coffee Shot. Not a shot gal, but dang this one was good.

Favorite moment of the night: Brandi stubbing her toe on the way out of Brasil (this is when her pedicure is ruined), taking a tumble into some concrete and then rolling in slow motion with all her limbs in the air screaming 'owwwwwww.' I feel I should tell you that this is before we even got to the bar. She's just cray cray around the clock.

Thanks EVERYONE for making my 24th Birthday so awesome!