Hey friends, I was drinking my coffee this morning while on the Foam blog and I found some blogs to add to my daily reads. FINALLY! I love all the blogs I read now but I wanted to taste something new ya  know? I figured maybe you all are going through the same thing. Here's a little burst of flavor for you on this fine wednesday morning.

You know when you used to go to your friends houses when you were little and they would show you their new clothes...THIS BLOG reminds me of those days. Going from closet to closet.

Makeup artist/ hairstylist in L.A. - love her 4th of july photo's. Check out Jade's blog.
She has really awesome Ombre Hair and she's a cutie patootie!

If you can't really relate to most fashion blogs bc you are a tomboy. Problem solved! Check out this super awesome blog. I'm a tomboy, always have been so I was so happy to see this! Tomboys can be stylish too!

Let me know if you find any blogs that you think Kelly and I might like. Hope you like these!