GRUB: Snack Bar (Austin, TX)

I love Happy time too!
Grace, Sin-d, Erica, and Kelly


I think this Avacado/Quinoa dish was everyones top choice.


So by now you all know we love LOVE food. The snack bar in Austin was super cute and it had that old timey vibe going on, kinda felt like we were at the local  soda shop before school and we should be wearing poodle skirts... but I must say I was not fond of the music playing. It was like elevator music or like Erica said "On Hold Music". Music is an important factor, It can throw everything off, so if this place had some amazing records or some good ol oldies playing throughout it would have gone up 5 notches for me. Ok enough about that, what you really want to hear is if the food was good and the answer is Yes! Breakfast is my favorite meal, add some friends and it's a start to an awesome day.