Packing our bags...

Kelly and I are packing up the necessities for our three day work/play trip. We leave tomorrow and the goal is to pack light. And yes, this is a road trip. The only thing on the def plans list is The AX & APPLE trunk show at Feathers. We are purposely not making plans the rest of the time. Whatever comes up, comes up!

What we need:
Denim cut offs
Couple of white shirts/tanks
Toms - good for hiking down springs and not busting your butt (don't wear flip flops doing this)
Seasalt spray
Cd's because we are taking Kelly's car. What CD do we need? New recommendations please!
Cover ups
Bathroom bag
Pillows and Blankets- because you never know what friends house you will be crashing at.
This is the point where I know I am forgetting something:( 

Jacob told us to go stay at a hotel but I think it's more fun to slumber it up with friends. But if we did what Hotels do you like in Austin? Must have awesome pool.