This past weekend we decided to head to the beach last minute. It has been sooooooo hot here in Texas! One day I looked at the temp and it read 104 at 7 P.M. I can't remember a summer where I felt this hot! Jacob and I keep our AC on 69 degrees when we are hanging around the house. The only other places I can think to stay cool is at my Grandma's and at the movie theater. But you know what, I love Texas, so I will not complain. It's just a statement. Most common phrase going around. "It's freakin HOT outside!"

What better way to melt in the sun? Grab your friends and head to a body of water!

I must give half credit to my Husband for coming up with the title of the video. He wanted me to Title it "ALL THE COOL KIDS" but I didn't think that really fit because so many of my friends were not there that I just added the "Live in the Sun."

Forgive me for the sudden ending. Jacob said I need to work on the fading out.... I am still new to this video editing stuff. I really need a crash course.