Brandi Lisenbe
1) Wrist: neo rambo headband, chrisrann  2) Neck - Bueno Bueno Key, Eagle from Feathers Boutique 3) Vest: Levi's  4) Shirt: Pink Floyd Chaser from Pretty In Pink Boutique  5) Skirt: Thrifted (it's actually a dress. 90210? what what!)  6) Shoes: Doc Martins from Vintage Virgin

*September is CUSTOM KEY NECKLACE month again in the Bueno Bueno Shop. Don't miss out!*

This outfit sums up my everyday look. If I wear a skirt I feel a bit too girlie, so wearing chunky boots makes me feel a bit more balanced. Then if the dress is a bit too fitted for my comfort level, I like to layer a looser shirt on top along with a classic denim vest. I prefer layering over dresses because sometimes wearing a tighter skirt gives you muffin top, or just that uncomfortable band right at an awkward point on your torso. Especially if you are going to eat yummy food! We live in Houston and we LOVE yummy food, so some breathing room is a necessity. haha. Does anyone feel me on that?

Brandi Lisenbe 8-31

Sorry, there will not be a playlist today, but it will be back next week! Until then, check out The Drums new album, 'Portamento' HERE.