Welcome to our home, I mean...dining room. I hope you enjoy.

Our adorable table is from Jacob's grandparents. They had a plastic cover on it until they gave it to us so it's basically new. We are in love with it for sure. It's awesome and it's passed down from a family member even better.
Our chairs are from all over. This wooden one is from one of my favorite thrift stores in the neighborhood Bluebird Circle on West Alabama. The two yellow and black chairs I traded a mens haircut.
I have four of these chairs, my friend Chelsea gave them to me when she moved to spain. They were all white with pink fabric, but Jacob and I had the itch to spray paint them one sunday afternoon. I reupholstered them with SALE napkins from anthropologie.
Sigh... My favorite art (op art)  in the house. I also traded hair services with my friends over at AndrewModern for this wonderful wonderful piece. So worth it! I still want two more pieces that I saw in Foam Magazine (the blogger issue) see below...
When I opened the magazine my mouth dropped! I need these in my house!
If you see them anywhere please let me know? for now, my one will do. I didn't scan this I got this image from Because I'm Addicted. Love that blog.
Little wooden chair peaking out is from my grandma, there is a whole bunch of these at her house for big family get togethers, I just had to have hopes I will have many fun get togethers at my house. So far so good, friends/family are over all the time.
 My vases are empty right now but usually they have fresh flowers. They seem a little sad right now. Don't ya think?
and then there is one my DIY chalkboards. I made this out of cabinets from my old house. All I did was clean them off, spray painted them, then once it was dry I taped the blue part and spray painted the middle with chalk board spray paint (2x) then once all was dry I ripped off the tape and BOOM. You are ready to use it for games, grocery lists, love notes, Honey Do lists or whatever...
I love it so much I just had to show another photo. My longboard is a 9.5ft Fry board. I got it when I was in high school for $200 bucks. I used to ride it a lot but mostly ex's and guy friends have borrowed it. My friend Justin just brought it back to me a couple weeks ago so maybe Jacob and I will start having surf dates. We will soon have the same work schedule since he will be working with us at the new salon:) So excited!
See the pretty candle holder, it's probably my favorite ever, it was a gift from my friend Jamie when Jacob and I were engaged.

The lighting in here is amazing, too bad it's too darn hot to have the blinds open right now. Oh winter please hurry up and arrive!
This chair was given to me by a neighbor 7 years ago and I just keep replacing the fabric. One day Jacob came home with a bunch of fun scraps from Crate and Barrel and I was ready for a change up.
TV trays/chairs. Barcelona Chair from AndrewModern. Lamp from Target. Mirror from Ikea.

We still have so much to do but right now we are loving the vibe we have going on. We are trying for a more open and airy feel, but it's so hard because we have so much stuff. Stuff that I love and don't want to part with. I can't even tell you what our decor style is because I have no idea.

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