This past monday was Labor day and most the time its crazy crowded at the beach, but for some reason this Labor Day was perfect. Awesome weather (no sweating), cool water, good friends, yummy snacks, and not crowded one bit!

You probably recognize the people in the photo's. The Bacquets are from California, I met them in person last June! Blog friends become Real friends! Well, I guess God wanted us together because they live here now. Then there's our Sebree's. They moved to Hawaii, (we spent our two week honey moon with these two), then they moved to California, (we were thinking about it every time we visited), then it was Canada, then back to California, FINALLY, they are here in Texas but I have no idea for how long. BUT THEY ARE ALL HERE AND WE ARE PUMPED!
IMG_0145 IMG_0229 IMG_0241 IMG_0216 IMG_0203 IMG_0200 IMG_0206 IMG_0193 IMG_0190 IMG_0188 IMG_0184 IMG_0182
IMG_0178 IMG_0169 IMG_0167 IMG_0157

TAN and TAY both stood up on their own. A very special moment for these future surfer babes.
Ty is the best brother, so patient and excited with them in the water even though there was no surf for him. You should of seen Dan. That was one pumped Dad seeing his babies surf! Kass you did good! I hope our kids will be this awesome!

After the beach we came back to our house and enjoyed the porch weather, skated, and had girl talk while the guys cooked us a delish meal. They grilled fish and chicken so we would have options for our taco's:) .... we eat taco's almost everyday because they are so freaking good!

What did you do for Labor day?

*Don't forget it's CUSTOM KEY month!
you can get any design and you tell us what you want it to say.

Hope you are all having an amazing week!!!