COVERING MY SKIVVIES: Men's shirt/Womans dress






Shirt- Vintage Wrangler
Belt- A&F
Sandals- Jessica Simpson
Vintage Purse- Enid Collins c/o AndrewModern
Jewelry in Photo 2- Vintage Chain, Lola & George, Chrisrann
Jewelry in Photo 4- Lola &George "Brandi" ring, Wedding Band, Chrisrann, Bueno Bueno Neo Headband used as Wrist Wrap.

Right now I am in a clothing funk. I don't want to go shopping because I don't know what I am even looking for. I am tired of all my clothes but yet I can't get rid of them.
I wish I could just wear a uniform to work sometimes...maybe I will create one for myself and just wear white tee shirts/ denim / boots or loafers at the salon. 
Does anyone ever feel like whatever is in style at the moment doesn't look good on their body type? Because that's me most the time. I wish I just had a personal shopper/ stylist so I didn't have to think
about that right now.

Things I actually need to find:
- something to wear for a michigan wedding in a week.
- something to wear to a wedding this weekend.
- more white tee shirts that drape perfect.
- the perfect boots for winter.
- more pants like mc hammer hahaha...but seriously.

If you have any links to share please send them my way! I am too busy to even look on my own. We only have 4 days left until we open Do or Dye and there is still so much to be done!!! I might be losing my mind right now!