DISHIN' THE DIRT: Brandi + Kelly

Photos: Micah Bikham

The Dirt on Kelly. Time to spill the beans on this lil mexican girl:

10. I had her believing she was adopted for a few years. gullible  (because she was browner than the rest of us).
9. Nicknames since birth: Biscuits and Bag Lady....she was always carrying bags bigger than her ..nothing has changed.
8. She grinds her perfect white teeth at night.
7. She once came up to me and a group of boys and told them I had teeth stacked like bricks. I was mortified. Still not over it.
6. I have taught her everything she knows. JK She is teaching me basics in photoshop now.
5. She digs a boy named Korey. Never seen her like this. Ewwww, it's weird. But I like it.
4. She is totally girlie and doesn't need makeup.
3. Her breath never stinks.
2. If she has a deadline she will not sleep just to get it done and it ends up being perfect.
1. I have only seen her naked once. We aren't the kind of girls who undress in front of people.
0. She is really funny and witty but not that many people see that side because she is so shy.

MY TURN! Now it's time to dish on Brandi:

10. She's good at the sentimental stuff like gifts, birthdays, celebrations.
9. She can get anyone to spill their secrets (but she's good at keeping them too)
8. She will never tell you where things are located, she will only point and expect that you know what her tiny fingers are pointing at. grr...
7. Always the life of the party. She can dread going to a party and then end up talking to everyone and dancing on the counter tops. I wish I had that ability.
6. She's a great cook that never cooks.
5. She'll do anything for shock value and get away with it (jacob hates the phrase 'it's ok because it's brandi!' because he hears it all the time I love it!).
4. Nickname since birth: The Goof because of her ability to make anyone laugh in any situation
*she also has a secret talent Jacob and I like to call 'directing laughter'*
3. Her favorite activity is mooning. Especially if you're a new friend. Sometimes I wake up and her moon is the first thing I see. haha.
2. She'll probably have a bun in the oven within 6 months. (I can hope, right?)
1. She always paints Granny G's nails and tries to get her to say we're her favorite grandchildren (as a serious joke).
0. She always dreamed of being a flat chested girl. She's crazy!