* this is where we will be applying color/highlights on our clients. They can process here, read magazines, paint their nails, chit chat with one another, surf the web, whatever they wish. We have a custom table in the making and looking for the perfect chairs. Right now this will work:)

This week went by super fast! I can't believe tomorrow is our first official day at the salon! High Kick High Kick! I say official because I did squeeze in some emergency haircuts this week. The plumber was in the salon all day long getting those shampoo units hooked up! Hallelujah!

Today went like this:
Breakfast with my beautiful friend Natalie, ran wedding errands with her, gave her a dry cut and style (shampoo unit wasn't hooked up yet)
Grace and I painted walls and we transformed our plain mirrors into Magnetic Chalkboard Mirrors! DIY coming soon.
Ginny and Marissa worked hard on getting their peaceful rooms in order.
Our new beautiful chairs came in, Uncle Greg came back up and helped put them together. Rock Star!
We drank wine, ate pizza, hung out with friends who came by and CLEANED CLEANED CLEANED.

Now I am in bed, wiped out, watching Season 3 of Felicity, wondering what time Jacob will be home from his show.

*Kelly is on a west coast roadtrip and will be returning emails every chance she gets:) if you want to follow her adventures follow her tweets @iheartbueno

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