OMG I HEART: Gypsy 'Spirit in Flight'





Photos by Daeja Fallas (

IF you've been following us a while, you know how much we heart all things from Gypsy. (Click here to read previous posts). Above are a few of her latest creations for Fall 2011. Spirit In Flight is her third collection, full of rich, exotic fabrics and super soft loungewear. We are stoked! We own a few undies from her, and I have to tell you, they are our favorites! Other than being beautiful, they are probably the most comfortable thing you will ever wear, AND BONUS, they don't create tacky panty-lines (gross). 

Since we are always curious about people's creative process, we asked Kate (talented woman behind Gypsy) to tell us a little about her inspiration and experience with this line 

The inspiration, it came from the lush jungly side of Hawaii. I
selected my favorite fabrics and sat down with my dear friend Daeja while
I was in NY to try and see what kind of collection I was going for. We had
tons of swatches before us in this little cafe & even had a woman stop by
the table and remark on how pretty the coral one was (careless love).
Literally a pile of tons of swatches and I pulled out my favorites, and it
effortlessly became about hawaii - the animal and plant life. Exotic
birds, flowers in bloom, lush jungle, natural beauty. I wanted to keep the
prints in there, but I always try to select ones that are classic and
still have an element of romance.

Anyway, check out the full 'Spirit In Flight' collection and let us know what you think. We can't wait to own more of these beauties.