Yup there was a Smilebooth at Jerry and Kirby's Wedding! No Doy!  When we weren't dancing we were amusing ourselves by hitting the button over and over and over again.
 Look at that that fine hunk of man right there...  
 That's my main squeeze. I just remembered i put my nose ring in his shirt pocket.
 and see the funny guy in the hat? That's Kelly's bloke Korey. oooooooooooooh la la!
I wish you could hear the voices Jacob is making right now.
 and the boy in suspenders that's Josh and he's pretty awesome. (and single)
 IT'S THE BRIDE!!!!! Where's Jerry? 
 Hey!!!! YOU! look over here! Pull my Finger!
 You are so wonderful and I can see up your nose...
 Ooooh  I think I need some more cake.
 Red wine make Brandi weird. Red wine make Elin confused.
B- what's that smell? did you fart?
J- maybe....
 B-Yeah Boiiiiiiiiiiiii 
J- Are those Aliens?
 Trying for the sophisticated look instead I look pissed.
 Nevermind that's no fun.
 It's Miller time (seriously) Not talking about the beer either.
 It's so windy. Losing all control.
 African rain dance? or head banging to Nirvana again?

 Hey Chloe why is your dress all wet?
 Because the dance worked...
Raise your hand if you are ugly.
 Too many things going on at once. OVERLOAD!
 At the Dentist Ofiice.
 Does it hurt guys?
 Golden Years!
 Well I've never! Oh My Word! Can you believe her!?
Let me feel your cheek with my hand.
 E- what was that guys?
 C- i wan't some cake.
B- My hair is out of control, must go up.
I got 5 on it.

If you were there or not and want to see the rest of the Smilebooth photo's click here.

I'm headed to Michigan today for Natalie and Justin's wedding week! I cant wait to get up in the cold, do some hiking, enjoy the outdoors, help where it's needed, and just have some fun with my friends. Not sure if I will have internet in the cabins we are staying in. If we do I will for sure keep you updated.