INSTAGRAM FUN- LisenbeSquared

 Make sure you put in your Custom Key Necklace Order fast so that you receive it in time for Christmas!
 Uncommon Objects. No Cameras Allowed! Oops!
 High and Tight.
 After it grew out I decided to shave the side again, but this time not as high.
 Jacob and Snuggles. Yes, I have been sleeping with snuggles since I was a baby.
 Feeling so fly with my Top Knot & Tumbleweeds Shades.
 Our Bootsie is such a dainty lady.
 Engagement photos my Dad had enlarged for our Wedding
Road Tripping with my main squeeze wishing I got that much needed pedicure!
Good Looking and Good Cooking!

Dinner at our house:)
Kelly, Korey, and I headed to the Ranch! Roadtrip! Jacob couldn't come because he had a show:(

click here to see what we were up to on Day #1

Getting ready for work. Trying out some cheap classic mascara to see if I have been wasting money on Lancome and Dior all these years....
I made 2 Paleo Friendly Pumpkin Pies. Recipe from MariMethod:)
It was so delish!
My mom was super pumped up about hooking this up. We just laugh. Gotta love her!

Holiday Traditions start now!
Bootsie is the coolest cat around, such a dry sense of humor this one...
She made sure she got first dibs before I hung them up.
These are the ornaments that didn't make the cut. Jacob said they didn't go with the rest of the decor. 
Now I have to figure out what to do with these guys.
Are you on Instagram?
I am late in the game for sure, Jacob and I just share one for now