Excited about these enlarged photos from @lawrencewebb #badass #skate #california
You have no idea how excited I am about framing these bad to the bone 20 x 30 inch Photos by Lonnie Webb.
We feel honored because he shot these specifically with the new salon in mind.
If you are interested in his prints contact him at
Yesterday, Kelly and I spent the day working on Bueno, making plans, and she made a stamp of our logo and made pretty new bags for our Bueno goods. I love productive days!  Jacob even sat in and brainstormed ideas with us.

Ok so,  these were some of the fun things we have been working on....The not so fun thing we have been working on is finding a new space for salon. Yup, I said it a new NEW space. The city is cracking down and really getting on to businesses for PARKING. Someone (and we know who) complained, the city came and we didn't know we needed 4 spaces per stylist. We have 5 people, which means 20 spaces. Not gonna happen! We are staying positive and keeping our heads up about this. It's a new challenge and a new opportunity to create another amazing salon with rad people. Wish us luck!

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