Ryder came in today so not ready for a haircut. Sometimes he comes in all excited about a cut, but this was not one of those times. He was so sleepy. Even though he didn't want a cut he was so well behaved. He didn't whine, he didn't cry, he didn't fuss.....he just sat there (looking adorable) blowing the hair off as soon as it landed on his skin. Only once did he say "DeeDee your taking too long." Ha Ha!

What I have learned when cutting kids hair
  •  The cape scares them because their little hands are restricted/ hidden, if you explain to them what the cape is for, it helps. "Honey the cape is on so that the hair doesn't itch your skin." They will soon find out what you are talking about if they don't want it on. 
  • Let them hold something (a neon comb, the blowdryer, spray bottle) this makes them feel like they are a part of the process and that they are helping you.
  • Keep them updated ("almost done, cutting the back now, you are doing so good.")
  • Show them the scissors and the clippers. I had Ryder hold and feel the vibrations of the clippers so it didn't scare him. I also showed him by cutting my own hair that it doesn't hurt to get haircuts.
  • Talk to them about something they are interested in (Thomas The Train)

    Hope these tips help the next time you take your little one to get their mop chopped.

    Instagram- LisenbeSquared