Backwards INSTAGRAM Post.


Today we woke up to an amazing Thunder Storm.... and it's still going strong.
Best convos happen after midnight... In bed
Last night we had a sleepover. Sleepovers always include late night chat sessions and junk food.
Little shadow
Bootsie likes her quiet time.
@micahbickham @brentnettles solid peeps
Micah and Brent met us up at Double Trouble. Robin and Robin created the coolest Bar!
2/5 of @DoOrDyetx @ginnyelee double trouble
Ginny and I went to Double Trouble for a braistorming sesh.
Then the guys found out and decided to crash our night.
Loud noises!!!!!
It's fun dancing around for all the cars....or mooning them. How many Honks can you get?
These boots are made for walking #sundaystroll #dreambuilding
Keeping hydrated after climbing trees.
Our sky #janphotoaday #day8 taking a Sunday stroll
Yesterday was so beautiful, it was perfect for our Sunday Stroll.

Now about that Storm. What do you do when you unplug all the computers and Boob tubes in your house so they don't get destroyed? I wish I had a really good book, but I don't. Any suggestions?