Most people get to relax when the weekend comes but the weekend is actually busier for us. Kelly works at Roots the Salon and Anthropologie all weekend. I am working today, then headed to Nate's  birthday party, then I got to head back on my side of town for a grill sesh to introduce the Bacquets and the McCoys (Bleubird fam)! Tomorrow we get to see Ryder bear, even though he is not ready for his haircut I hope he is excited for swirll. After that, the girls (Ginny, Josephine, Kelly, and I) are going to Galveston for a little photo project.

Last night was my rest night. I missed Finnegan because I wasn't feeling very good.  I just ordered a pizza and stayed in. It was a prison break night for me. I am now on season 2 episode 16 and I blame my friend Jon and his tweet about this show. We are officially hooked. On Monday we watched 10 episodes and I have not been to bed before 2 am since watching. Oh those beautiful brothers and the action!