Eddie illustrated by John Korey Prescott
This one may not be that interesting to most but I absolutely love Van Halen, so I think it's pretty rad. Also, it reminds me of the time Kelly and I talked about how much we really liked each other. Van Halen was blasting in the background while a bunch of random drunk people were running around playing air guitar. I might have joined in...
Fun Fact: In the early eighties, the VH band contract rider specified that a bowl of M&Ms, with all of the brown ones removed, was to be available in their dressing room. Years later, David Lee Roth refuted this demand as not one of diva behaviour, but a safety precaution signifying that the staff were correctly reading and honouring the technical and safety provisions in the contract. If brown M&M’s were in the bowl, then the band had reason to believe that the other demands of the contract were also not being fulfilled.

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