Happy Day. Sad Day.

Today is me and Jacobs four year anniversary. It is also the day him and Lonnie fly out. Jacob will be back Saturday and we don't know when Lonnie will be back.
The morning started at Brasil, our favorite breakfast spot, also the place where Jacob fell in love with me....He said my eyes look like tiny earthballs??? Ha Ha! We tried to sit at our table but some guy was reading the whole paper there! UGH! So we just sat the next table over.
Then we had a lil sesh before the boys headed to the airport. Sad day....and I think I'm getting sick.

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Breakfast before the boys leave me. #brasil #henningsbagel @lonniewebb @micahbickham #jacobandbrandi4yearanniversary

Toes on the nose. #longboarding last ride before @lonniewebb leaves

Oh and head over to KALOS for an interview with Kelly and I. We love those girls. They are so dang cool! If only we lived closer to them...