INSTAGRAM FUN-LisenbeSquared

1. Tuesday Nora came over and I helped her make over our Craft/Creative studio.
2. Cocktails after work.
3. Thursday we came close to finishing up (will blog makeover this week) and went ....
4. Here.
5. Our friends wall in their record room. This will be the next AROUND MY HOME post.
6. Dinner party with friends.
7. Bootsie is pretending to be Peter Pan and Gemma is acting like Wendy.
8. James. Me. Kassi. Muah! Kelly missing because of work.
9. Kassi made us friendship bracelets. Do you see the new heart bueno rings? Order your ring HERE
10. Hotties in the Kitchen! Hey Kelly "where your Boyfran at?"
11. I spy a fro in the background. HA
12. After we came home from Double Trouble last night we were excited to watch this weeks episode of Vampire Diaries. Team Damon!

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