When Lonnie cam to visit he bought a one way ticket but we knew not to get our hopes up because he had been talking about a special little lady back in Seattle. So on the first night he got in town I asked him to make a list of everything he wanted to do while he was here.
-Vinyl shopping
-Go to Austin
-Hit up Chic-fil-A (yeah really)
-Go to the Beach
-Contact some modeling agencies
-Eat Bagels, cream cheese, tomato, and avacado
-Family Night (PJ's, Movie,  Junk Food)
-Taco Night
-Dance Party

Waiting for inspectors to come @doOrDyeTx
One day he had to sit with me at the New (BUT NOT YET MADE OVER) Space and wait for the inspectors. It was so boring. Jacob came for like 10 minutes to bring me a screwdriver...then I sat there 3 hours alone before Kelly brought Lonnie up. Kelly didn't have to suffer since she had to go to work. After Lunch I finally went next door and asked for their WIFI password. THANK GOD! We made use of our time and edited that SFP video. Finally the inspector showed up and we were out of there by 3:30. 
When Lonnie saw the space he said "BRANDI WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING? THIS LOOKS LIKE SUPER CUTS!"Hahaha. Then he admitted he is not a visionary on these types of things.
Taking the before pics of the space. When we get done with the build out it is going to look amazing!
He kept trying to take pics of my morning face. NOPE, not gonna happen.


Nice try.


The color of the walls make me want to puke. Changing ASAP!
Once the adult stuff was taken care of we were able to go vinyl shopping.
We went to BJ's first the records are only $3 dollars and sometimes you can find some real gems.
I regret not grabbing the Whitney Houston record. We even sang one of her songs when we saw it. 2 days later she had passed. R.I.P. Whitney.
Humble Pie...This made me want to watch Almost Famous again. Lonnie had never seen it until last March when we made him watch a bunch of movies he had never seen. We made a list for him to take home, MOVIES YOU MUST WATCH.
Why is it that Barbie is always naked?
One of the many things I collect is Postcards. Jacob and I send them to eachother when we are out of town, or if we are on a trip together we buy one and write about our experience. I even save every Postcard I get form friends and family. It's just so much more special than an email. Lonnie and I spent so much time looking through old postcards, so fun to read what people wrote. The penmanship back then was so much better, some people even typed on the postcards. We bought like 17 of our favorite, I still need to scan them in. 
I just love this!

"I so need lessons from you on being cool...Tell me that part about Kenny G again?"- Cher (Clueless)
Hahaha Best movie ever. Kelly and I always bust quotes from that movie and people are like wha?!!! Lonnie was like, "Wait, what just happened here!? Kelly and I died laughing. 

When you go vinyl shopping do you have certain artists in mind? Do you go with a list?
I think from now on that's what I am going to do because I just start grabbing everything and it becomes overwhelming.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! More of our adventures coming this week....