Packed and ready to go tomorrow #sxsw #Austin @noraz725

1. My Stuff. Jacob hates that my bags are never zipped up. oops.
2. Nora's Stuff.

Nora and I are packed and ready to go....Tomorrow. I was planning on packing tomorrow because I can never get around to packing ahead of time. But, Nora texted me "You better pack tonight Hoe!" She ended up just coming over and helping me focus. It's so hard for me to pack because I don't know what mood I will be in. So now I am sitting here feeling accomplished and smelling the yummy IPA Jacob is drinking next to me (sad face). I am still on my No drinking alcohol for lent thing. 46 days. No I am not catholic, I just wanted the discipline. Go me!

Anyway.... Kelly will also be going to SXSW she just can't leave til Friday. So stay tuned for SXSW updates from the both of us.

Will any of you be there? Who are you hoping to see? I am super bummed I missed Miike Snow. Super Bummer. Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!