This week and last week have been kind of crazy. Lots of 10 hour work days, starting super early, or ending super late. Not complaining either, I love my profession, I love our team, I love my clients. When I walk into this salon I am immediately in a good mood. Here are some Instagram (LisenbeSquared) shots from this week.
In da salon with @chloecashfloralart

A new @chloecashfloralart

Today @DoOrDyeTx @orchidgrey

Loved getting my hands in @orchidgrey hair. #mermaidhair #ombre @DoOrDyeTx

Purple cape day! @DoOrDyeTx #new7inchscissors #hair #salon

Point dexter

Come get your fishtail on with Kelly and I tomorrow 4-7pm

Fishtails at @wish_warehouse was a success! Thanks @littledeemon for having us:) @iheartbueno

Pretties from today @littledeemon @chloecashfloralart @wish_warehouse 1. #Fishtail 2. #

Wine, foils, gossip mags, and girl talk @DoOrDyeTx @jheidepriem

1. Chopping Chloe's hair before I apply color.
2. Refreshed Chloe.
3. Julie from Orchid Grey came in and got her Do done!
4. She flew in to Houston, Got her hair done, and zipped off to Austin for The Texas Style Council
5. I made all the boys wear a purple cape, and I enjoyed my New 7 inch scissors. 
6. In the middle of Jacob's cut, I like to make him look ridiculous.
7. Kelly and did Fishtails, Do's, and Colorbug'd Customers at Wish on Thursday. 
8. Hop on Over to Pancho and Leftey too see their pics from the event.
9. Danielle got fishtailed/ Chloe got Bug'd.
10. Josephine Heidepriem getting the celebrity scoop
11. Me and JoJo.

Kelly is going to New York in April with Roots Salon!
The New Space for Do or Dye Tx will be Ready in Mid- late April! WOOOOOO!