Monday with The Lisenbe's

We were suppose to get away for the weekend and go to Austin...We were in route and decided to turn around because we just had way too much to do, too much on our minds, and it wouldn't have been relaxing so we made the most of our time together at home.
Breakfast made me #smile and laugh! #marchphotoaday
He made me breakfast like usual but this time it was extra special. Hahaha! We love us some Avocado's on our eggs!
Hurry I'm hungry guys
We goofed around at some shops while selling our old junk. Kelly would of been with us but she had to work. Boo. Can you believe Jacob and Nora found a size 19 shoe? WTH!
Nora left her number inside the shoe. Bahaha!
@noraz725 just said "look it's Brandi's family!"
"Hey Look It's Brandi's Family!"- Nora
Perfect day to be outside!
We rushed to Taco's a- go-go because I get grumpy when I am hungry. It was so beautiful and even though I have allergies so bad right now, we sat outside. 
Making h20 fancy! #topochico #lemon #nowinefor46days
No this is not Windex. I gave up wine/ ALL alcohol for lent. I am not catholic, I just wanted to see what it would be like to not be such a wino. So far it hasn't been hard. I have actually been way more active and productive. Go Figure! Waking up early, going on walks, and finally working out again. The only stuff I drink right now is Coffee, Water, Chocolate protein drinks and Topo Chico (sparkling water). It's more fun when you drink water out of your fancy glasses right?
Last night after a delicious dinner outside on our patio we read words of wisdom to each other. This one is so true.
Scan 30
We also listened to our new records that we we got in trade from Half Price Books and Replay. I felt really good about that. Feels so good to get rid of junk. I love Spring Cleaning! I can't stop!

If you follow us on Instagram (LisenbeSquared)  you probably saw these already. Minus the last shot. I am lending our polaroid camera to our friend Mills and there was one photo left. Couldn't resist.