(iphone) photo: Lonnie Webb
Nine months ago, this guy crashed my Birthday party (see post here). Three monthes later, he was mine! It's been the best six months EVER filled with that never ending rollercoaster feeling in the pit of my stomache. Darlin, I love you!


Here's a little peek at the last six months

(sorry for the poor quality, we don't have the actual file of this photo)
second date
right before longboarding through town until 7am

first wedding dance off

first Halloween
We both dressed up as Ryan Adams (joke)

pretend Christmas
actual Christmas morning


first beach trip

first race... I won.

revisiting our first date
I was either too busy kicking his butt at pinball or too scared to ask him to take a photobooth picture with me on the first date, so we went back.

Shopping adventures and goofing off