Scan 38

Scan 40

Let me just say WOW! I really couldn't spell, not that I can now but Thank God for the magical red dotted line that appears under a word when you misspell.
1. What's a Flimingo? Oh a Flamingo, I still like them but I'm obsessed with my cat Bootsie.
2. Charlotte's Webb? Really? Talk about depressing. I probably just put that because we were reading it in class....suck up.
3. I remember saving my allowance and loving to shop at the purple store in the Galleria.
4. Um, I remember cutting all my Barbies hair and making her makeout with everyone!
5. That is suppose to be Allowance.... and I still like making the $$$
6.  Howie? Oh Hawaii...Only my favorite place on earth! But back then I had never been. First time was on my Honeymoon.
8. TACO MANIAC! I really think I have a problem.
9. It's funny that I wrote this because once I got to Junior high and High school age the thought of doing hair was the worst idea ever. Looks like I was smarter as a child. Stick to your first plan? Who knew I would be a salon owner one day.