Scan 8
*Excuse the carpet and the hair stuck to the photo. It's between the photo and plastic.
Hey Everyone just wanted to say Happy Easter! I hope everyone is surrounded by the ones you love today! My parents were excellent at documenting every single moment of our life and these are just a few photo's of Easter Morning when I was little. I changed 3 times this day into different easter outfits. As you can tell by my morning eyes I had just woke up in these. I wish I had photo's of Kelly too but she was not born yet in these and I don't have her childhood box of pics at my house. 

1. Find Easter Basket with lil treats from Mom and Dad
2. Praise The Lord at Church
3. Come home to see if Easter Bunny Came 
4. Easter Egg Hunt
5. Go to Grandma and Grandpa's for Big Family Easter Egg Hunt

Today is a bit different. Jacob and I are hosting Easter this year. Wish us luck! Still cleaning and preparing for it. When Jacob gets home from playing at church it is CRUNCH TIME! XO

What are your Easter Traditions?

One of our favorite quotes. We say it at least once a week. Hope you love this scene as much as we do!