ADVENTURES WITH THE BEAR: Happy Birthday Ryder Bear!

Happy Birthday Little Bear!

 Ryder's actual Birthday is today but our family celebrated all weekend with him. Jacob and I went over to my brothers yesterday and we hung out by the pool. What a goof! That little boy has so much joy and energy, I am stoked that he loves the water as much as us. I would of taken a photo of the birthday cake he insisted on making himself the night before with his Papa David, Daddy, and Alex but it had already been munched on. Can you guess what color it was? Well that's a no brainer! ORANGE! with sprinkles and all kinds of fun stuff.

*Ryder, if your Noma (G-ma) Robin is reading this too you we love you and are so so proud of you!!! We hope you have a lot of fun today with your Mommy, Papa Mark, and Noma Robin!