Have you checked out Liza's Blog yet? It's awesome! Adventures with Veggies. Liz and I have been friends for 7 years now I met her through Jacob (my husband) and I kinda stole her from him. Ha! She was there for every bit of our dating period, she was a bridesmaid, and she's been an awesome travel buddy! I love this girl and so happy to call her one of my best friends. When we get together no telling what is going to happen!

Ashley and I have also been friends for like 5-6 years and have traveled together a lot. This was the first time the three of us took a trip together. BUT... I'd say the three of us make a pretty good team when traveling. No fights, No drama, and up for pretty much anything! Who said 3 is a crowd? I think it's the perfect number for a girls trip. Ex: If one doesn't want to, the other will!



Hi Mom, Hi Dad! We love y'all!
view from lobby
the spa pool (no kids allowed on this side)

we ran this everyday to get to the gym, lots of hills.

this was our room 125 close to everything but far enough away to be really loud:)
our view from room
also our view from room

they always make me happy

the volleyball pool

inside our room, we took turns having the bed to ourself

you are never to cool to participate in dance lessons. TRUST ME!
the fun pool! the swim up bar and kid friendly pool. This is where all the activities took place!
our new friends Eric and Evan! We spent a good portion of our days right here:)

Food was awesome. Bartenders were awesome. Drinks were delish. Best hotel staff ever. Everyone was so fun. I recommend this place for honeymooners, singles, groups, and families!

Hope you are not getting tired of all the photos yet because we have a lot more....