AS OF LATELY: Brandi Lisenbe

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Photo by: Micah Bickham

10. Jacob has been touring a lot. He's in and out of town on the regular. Mostly out of town.
9. We had a very successful Grand Opening Party at Do Or Dye Tx (Photos coming soon).
8. I have started a new Fit Camp, our instructor is hardcore. I threw up twice monday. But it's ok I have new neon orange shoes.
7. We painted 2 rooms in our house and I found some awesome curtains (only pair left).
6. Kelly and I had wine night at my Aunts house yesterday, we busted out the instruments and had a drum circle going on. INSTAGRAM ----> LisenbeSquared / iheartbueno
5. Kelly and I are excited about the Houston Blogger Symposium NEXT MONTH! So many new people to meet:)
4. I have been on a Dawson's Creek kick lately, like bad. Sometimes I'm out with friends and all I'm thinking about is being in my sweats on the couch and tuning into all my friends at the creek.
3. At the salon we have been loving the TLC Pandora station and we're all like "THIS IS MY JAM!!!" like a million times a day. And you know we be dancing like we in da club!
2. We have been spending our days off at the beach or the pool so we don't melt in the Hot Hot Heat!
1. Jacob's Cd Release (THE 71's) is next Saturday Aug 18th at Fitzgeralds. Really digging the new stuff!!! Hope to see you there:)