(if you know nothing about The Pinpoint Method, click here to catch up)
I know it's seemed a little quiet on the Pinpoint FB page and the web site, but trust me, I'm all about TCB. Since last updating you on The Pinpoint Method, perks for donor were created and mailed out, additional promo materials were also made, interviews were booked, interviews were shot, a lot (A LOT) of really boring business stuff has been handled and some mingling has taken place. I can't spill the beans yet on what's to come, but I will say that we have three more interviews around the Houston area, one in Lubbock and two (im trying to make it more like 5) interviews in TN are coming up in August. Because I'm wanting to post often on the Pinpoint site, I will a have a few interview formats ranging from written out interviews to short video features. I can not tell you how stoked I am to see this project finally coming to life and having the support I do completely blows my mind. I am still working out a few kinks, so give it a few more weeks and The Pinpoint Method will be kickin some ass.

Special Thanks to
Brandi Lisenbe + John Korey Prescott for being my go - to people and helping me with any crazy task at any hour of the day.
Nice Spice Design for printing our shirts
Micah Bickham for lending me your skills, time, equipment, knowledge and production smarts. Really, thank you.
Britta Hazel for the 'Seek Design' illustration
All donors + investors for helping me get the ball rollin'