OMG I HEART: Getting Twiggy With It

With Fall just around the corner, i'm craving layers, boots, crazy socks, hats (it's too dang hot for a hat in a Houston Summer) and new home decor trickling in. I've already begun the seasonal home and closet re-organizational frenzy. I have been flipping through pages and pages on the internet looking for  a bit of inspiration and noticed a common thread among photos I was pulling on my desktop. Here are a few of my favorites...



Stick Wall Art  |  I want to make something similar for John Korey's wall once he gets settled into his new home next month. It's just too cute to be washed away at sea. I guess I should start collecting...

Threaded Sticks   |   This reminded me of our bueno bueno friendship bracelets and headbands (back in stock this month with new colors!). Of course, I love them.

White-washed   |   I know painted driftwood is nothing new, but I do enjoy white this white-washed stick. Especially as a jewelry stand. CLICK HERE to see previous post on colorful driftwood.

Neon  Clothing Rack   |    I am absolutely in love with this Clothing Rack. I'm not sure why this doesn't exist in my house already

Bundle of Sticks   |   Clusters of anything are fun. Especially a dark cluster in a white space. Beautiful.

Wired Light Fixture   |   I like the simplicity of this light fixture. The shadows created by the organic lines are wonderful. 

Mellow Stick   |   and last, but not least, my absolute favorite, the kind of stick that roasts mellows. I can't wait to get a fire going and roast some Mellows... Perhaps I see a double date in the near future (Brandi, Jacob, me and John Korey). I'm thinking a goodbye summer beach trip :)

Anyone else getting excited about the Fall? I just love transitional seasons, they're always the best. The air is crisp, light layers are a must, good hair days more often, good natural lighting, and the list goes on.