AROUND MY HOME: Bethany Menzel from Treasures + Travels

Howdy! The greeting seems appropriate since we are driving across Texas and heading west. We are on our way to Marfa, Texas once again, but this time we have a bit of a schedule to keep up with (we won't spoil everything just yet). Last night, Brandi and I started going a little cray in the car, so we stopped just outside of Marfa. This morning we head off and the shenanigans begin again... 

While we are out, we've asked a few of our friends to fill in. Enjoy this home tour of Bethany Dudar and be sure to check out the Treasures and Travels blog! We love their great style and couldn't wait to see Bethany's Canadian home, so we had her photograph it for us. Take a look around...
















My Dad has rented out this house since I was young, and I have always been in love with it, looking through all the rooms and running around the yard between renters! So when David and I got married we started to rent it! It was built in the thirties and has the sweetest old charm, lots of quirks and projects to be done but we love it!

I don't know if I can really name my decor style... I really love open space, very white, modern homes, and I also really love that cozy ski lodge feel. So I guess that has been my inspiration, mixed with lots of DIY projects and fun vintage pieces!

As soon as David and I got engaged and knew we would be getting a house we started buying so much stuff for our home. We probably visited Ikea every weekend, lots of time spend wrapping that blue string around our car and driving so carefully down the highway (and pretending we were in '500 days of Summer', saying "honey, there's a Chinese family in our bathroom)!  We also found some of our favorite pieces at west elm, nood, zgallerie, urban outfitters, urban barn, home sense, anthropologie, and lots of antique and thrift stores around White Rock, BC, and Bellingham, WA!

I really love decorating our home and probably redo it about once a month! I don't think it will every really be finished!