Hello! I'm currently working from bed. It's almost 2pm, my hair is matted and who knows what cup of coffee I'm on... John Korey and I just got in at midnight from our journey to Chattanooga to interview our friends, Beca + Doug, for The Pinpoint Method. To save some pennies and try something new, we took the Mega Bus system and it went a little something like this... Houston to Dallas (wait two hours at a Taco Hell, excuse me, Taco Bell), Dallas to Memphis (wait three hours at a gas station/subway), Memphis to Nashville (have fun on Broadway just like a good tourist should, visit Hatch Show Print), Nashville to Chattanooga! Our stay with Beca and Doug was incredible. So incredible, that John Korey and I missed our first bus back to Nashville from Chattanooga. Luckily, there was another one an hour later and it didn't mess up any of the remaining connecting buses we had already purchased tickets for.

Today will be my day to catch up. I have footage to upload, sift through and post on, more to post here on MMBB about our Chattanooga adventures, shirt orders to send out, and more of the BTS stuff that I won't bore you with. I hope you are having a wonderful week! Check back later for sneak peeks from the road.

Beca, Doug, we miss the hell out of ya already.


PS Beca posted about our visit on her blog, Tales Of A Tumbleweed. Check it out.