We tried out our best modeling poses just for you! The first pose is like Bernie.



Mexican's and their coke...

On Brandi:
Leggings<> Target
Tank<> American Apparel
Boots <> Justin
Hat<> Thrifted for $2
Necklace<> Bueno Bueno
Wrist Bling <> Chrisrann

On Kelly:
Shorts <> recycled boy jeans
Shirt <> Urban Outfitters
Sweater? <> Anthro
Boots <> Plato's closet (originally from Zara)
Hat <> Urban Outfitters
Rings and Cuffs <> Chrisrann // Bueno Bueno

Ohhh lord, where do I start? We are back from another #sistersister road trip  and I'm happy to report it was amazing. On the way out to west Texas, we must have taken a million pictures. How can you not with such a beautiful back drop. Thank you Jesus. We drove through Austin to pick up a camera from our buddy Micah and driving through Austin isn't good for my (Brandi) allergies this time of year. CEDAR! After that it was pretty ridiculous trying to drive at night sneezing every 5 seconds, wiping tears streaming down my face, and trying to stay awake by singing with Kel to a cd that we listened to 10 times already bc we didn't have Kelly's ipod adaptor! Did I mention Kelly has bad night vision? No phone reception, sketchy gas stops, sneezing Brandi, kelly can't see. We decided to stop and get a Hotel. BEST DECISION EVER! Here's what we wore on the road.

More on Marfa coming soon....

And the video of the week is:

Can't stop watching this video and her dance moves and her hair, and her outfits, and the people, and the houses, and the beauty, and the colors, so much going on! Thanks to Russell for sharing this with us!