UPDATE: The Pinpoint Method

Good design happens everywhere
Last month, Brandi and I showed our pal Cory Staudacher (aka @withhearts) around Houston during his mini Texas tour. Again, we didn't know him until he showed up on our door step, but Micah said he was a good dude. While Cory toured Texas he also explored Austin and Dallas for the Circles Conference. Anyone else attend that event? Throughout his stay, there was a lot of coffee, laughing, dancing, eating, skyping, and instagraming. duh. Luckily, he let me sneak in a quick interview for The Pinpoint Method too. Check it out :) We were sad to see him go, but Brandi and I are way past due for a Seattle trip... 

ps Treasures and Travels recently did 10 facts on Cory for their Instacrush feature. Check that out too!