WWBW: What would Brandi wear

 ...now, in the morning, when i'm staring at my closet, i think "WWBW" -- what would Brandi wear? i.e. do those pieces match? NO. should i wear them anyway, just because i want to. and i can? YES. so, keep pushing the envelope. show the rest of us how it's done. it's easy to get in a rut, or to psych yourself out about what's right or wrong, what we should and shouldn't do. and that SUCKS. your inspiration is appreciated mucho mucho. thx!!

We got an email from Jena, a MMBB reader and above is a portion of her email which pretty much sums up why we blog. We share our daily lives, what we wear, our adventures and hopefully someone out there will be inspired. Well Jena, your email inspired us. Kelly and I will now have a feature on here called WWBW/ WWKW. So THANK YOU for that email. It totally made our day! 


This Army green shirt is over 10 years old. I got it back in my retail working days at Abercrombie & Fitch. My dad got me these Pendleton socks at Free People and the Lucky boots from Dillard's for Christmas last year.

<> JALT (Just a little tip) - If you can't find a denim vest that you love, just take your old denim jacket or thrift one and cut the sleeves off. Boom! There you go:) add it your long list of DIY's.