Hi friends, we hope your bellies are full and you spent the day surrounded by those you love. In the spirit of the Holidays, Brandi and I wanted to share a couple of things we are thankful for
Thankful for (in no particular order)...

20 | Life + Opportunity
19 | Christmas movies
18 | Love and support we have from our from friends, family and our internet friends
17 | Clean water
16 | The ability to pursue our passions
15 | Karaoke and dancing with friends and strangers
14 | Travel
13 | Dark Chocolate
12 | Cameras to document our shenanigans
11 | The blog community and the relationships we have because of it
10 | We go home and feel safe
09 | Tacos and Mexican food
08 | Our hilarious family and pets (Bootsie and Zeyk)
07 | Eyelash extensions and the ladies that apply them (haha)
06 | Hot showers
05 | The variety of folks we celebrate holidays with
04 | We work with our friends everyday at Do or Dye Tx/Stash Co
03 | A husband / a boyfriend who loves us and we love
02 | Coffee
01 | Our health

ps. Our shop opens back up tomorrow!