On our last day in Marfa, Brandi and I went to Cobra Rock Boot Company for good byes and last minute shopping (bought those cool bottle wraps you see in the last few photos). Then we had a whole day of just the two of us. We went around snapping photos, explored Marfa by foot and by bike (thank you El Cosmico) and landed at the friendliest place in town, Planet Marfa. Everything about that place was rad. We ended up closing down the bar that evening. Don't worry Mom and Dad, they close early on Sundays ;) More on This place coming soon....

Kelly Wore
Tee <> Vintage Nasa from Buffalo Exchange. My absolute fave
Flannel <> BDG from UO
Denim Jacket <> Thrifted ten years ago, or so it seems
Headband <>Bueno Bueno
Shorts <> UO
Socks <> Free People (thanks Pops!)
Boots <> Zara, thrifted at Plato's Closet
Bag <> Stash Co

Brandi Wore
Hat <> Thrifted
Vintage Journey Shirt <> From my Husbands Closet
Denim Cutoffs <> Ruehl (they closed down, it was a sister store to A&F)
Thrifted Boots <> Justin
Freakers <> Cobra Rock
Bag <> Stash Co.