I did not write this. I felt guilty when I walked out because the guy asked me my name before entering.
I don't think he believed me when I said it wasn't me.

My new rules for 2013 when I am shopping is only take what I absolutely love in the fitting room and only buy what I feel amazing in. I will not buy it if I feel insecure just a bit, I will not buy it if I don't have anywhere to wear it, I will not buy it if I am not 100% in love with it, and I will not buy it if it's unflattering. Sometimes when you get in the fitting room it tricks you, it has these powers that make you think you like them, then you get home and you try it on and your like "WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING!?"

Mistakes I made while shopping in 2012
I bought things just because they were on sale.
I bought things because they were cheap.
I bought things because I liked the idea of it.
I bought things that I could fit into later.
I bought boots way too big because they were super cute.
I bought shoes that were way uncomfortable.
I bought things that were just not my style.
I bought things for silly reasons.
I bought things that were unflattering.

Best advice from Rannie
Make your closet look like a showroom and only have amazing key peices. Quality over Quantity. I couldn't agree more. I have no shame in Repeat Offending anyway.

*I have also learned it's more fun in the dressing room when your hair is done, you have a little lippy on, and your wearing something that is quick to get in and out of.