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Just in case you didn't know, Brandi headed south for surf camp with Rannie and Cookie. She's having such a blast, she wanted me to help share some of her daily routines this week. 

We flew in then took a three hour ride to camp. We had a quick orientation, got settled in our rooms, met the other two girls and instructors then took a tour around the beautiful town of San Juan Del Sur. Our friend Cookie (also from Houston,Texas) is living here for a month, so she came over and met up with us. For dinner, all of us, including cookie and jen, ate at a place called the Chicken Lady. Delish!

Went to get coffee at el barrio and walked on the beach.
Found Jesus Statue with the most amazing view of San Juan del sur and Costa Rica!
On the way to dinner at el barrio cafe Justin Bobby walked right past us! Haha.
El Barrio is Nica owned and super friendly. We split ceviche, had a couple glasses of wine, and I ordered grilled salmon. It was perfection. Every night that we have been here we have tried to get gelato at super frutto but it has been closed so we've been going to Eskimo (kind of like DQ)

Breakfast pancakes and fruit
Surf a surfboard fell on my head during load out.
Cookie and Jen joined us for dinner at El Timon dinner on the beach with the rest of the group. Then we went to a burger joint called Nacho Libre bc Cookie was still hungry. We tried her cous cous burger (she's vegan) and it blew our minds.
Got that damn ice cream again! There goes my no sugar streak.

Rannie and I walked around town, got coffee at el gato negro
Breakfast for champs: eggs, beans, toast and fruit
Hang out around town, shop, and  play with the gopro,
Surfs up! There was 6 of us surfing today because of the day camp. Longest day we've surfed yet.
My knees are bruised so bad they look like giant apples, but I don't care I'm so happy!
For dinner everybody wanted Nacho Libre! I ordered a burger called the "big wang!" It was the best thing I've ever sunk my teeth into. After that we were so wiped out... Lara and I bought a bottle of wine and played Spanish monopoly and had really good conversation until our eyelids couldn't stay open any longer. As soon as I put my head down Jacob face timed me!!! It was so good! I miss him so much, I even face timed Bootsie! Hahaha Kelly Welly I miss you too!!! Tell mom and dad I'm alive and loving life!

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We are starting the day to go get breakfast and then spending 5 hours horseback riding!!! I am so stoked!!!

Since I have the opportunity to check in with you, is there anything you would want to see more of (if you've been following on IG @lisenbesquared) or want specific information on?