WORKING ON MY FITNESS /// Getting After It (Kelly)

Working in my fitness

Dance classes and yoga have been my go-to forms of exercise since high school. I'm always trying new things, but those are the two that always get me excited. 2012 was a crumby fitness year for me. I had so much going on that I let my health sit on the back burner a lot longer than is acceptable (for me). In January I decided that I needed to make smarter choices for myself. First things first, my diet. I started with calorie counting just to get into the right mind set. I started paying attention to what I knew was good for me and what foods made me feel alive and what foods made me feel like a zombie. Immediately, I noticed a difference in my energy level, my skin, my body, and attitude. I started making time to go for long walks on the beaches weekends (the fast kind, not the relaxing kind), and during the week I would take time before bed to do a series of stretches before I showered and went to bed. I knew I wanted to get back into yoga, so I started holding planks, downward dog, and lunges. yay. Two things I was short of was time and money, but I knew doing something, anything, was better than nothing. Life happens and I eat with heartache and forget to eat when anxious and the start of this year has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster, so if I had a moment of giving in and indulging in something more than delicious, instead of throwing in the towel and feeling guilty, I just picked back up where I left off with the next opportunity. It's okay.

I went to Nashville towards the end of February for my Best friend's wedding and on the morning of her wedding she wanted us to take a 90 minute hot yoga class. I knew it would be ugly on my end, but it was just what I needed to jump right back in. Of course I didn't have "yoga clothes", I didn't know anyone other than Pearl and Suzi, I didn't know the teaching style, I didn't realize it was a 90 minute class, and I was still really out of shape, but I let my excitement overcome my worries and I jumped right in. Done. I was hooked on yoga again. The next day Pearl gave me some Power Yoga videos for my laptop, so even if I get too busy or don't have it in my budget to go to a class, I can still work toward a better version on me. Shortly after getting back from Nashville, Brandi asked me to take a yoga class with her and the girls from her gym (Washington Gym.) I said yes and was shocked Brandi had even asked. Up until that moment, Brandi had always disliked yoga. I went and fell in love with Big Yoga. I've tried a few other places around Houston in the past, but nothing compares to the experience I get a Big Yoga (If you live in Houston or are just passing though, I highly recommend it). I did two drop in classes after the initial class and then bought the 30 day pass for $40. I LOVE it.

Working on my fitness

Working in my fitness

Why I love Yoga ///
> Irons out the noodles in my head. My mind is some sort of crazy (over analytical) and I love that I can do something for an hour that helps me move past all the crazy because for that specific hour, I am focusing on breathing and how I can do each pose better than before.
> Confidence. Your body is amazing and capable of doing the craziest things. It's so rewarding when you are sweating and aching and for a brief moment you doubt your capability, but push forward anyway and find out you can do something new... and well. This week I moved into two new poses I wasn't able to do ever before. I know you aren't suppose to, but I turned and 'psst' at brandi with a huge squints smile on my face because I had to share that mountain moment with someone. When I can doing something I've never been able to do because I have worked toward it, it builds my confidence.
> I feel good. Mentally and physically.
> Accountability.  Now throughout the day I think about drinking more water, eating better and giving in less. It sucks when you are halfway through yoga and you don't have the energy to do your best. That goes for any workout. Every decision you make has a consequence. This is very obvious when I'm trying to work on my fitness. Damn you girl scout cookies (should have gone with the broccoli)!

Some changes I've made so far///
> Water... so much water
> Less alcohol.
> More fresh food
> Staying away from meat substitutes
> taking the stairs
> Longboard, biking or walking if possible

I've only just begun my fitness challenge and I know I have a long way to go on this road, but the point is I'm working towards that and challenging myself with it everyday. I will be sharing more on this series with brandi as I grow in this area... Vegetarian meals, gym alternatives (because I'm always looking to try something new), inspirational stories, and my own personal progress all to come!

Here's a dose of inspiration for anyone of any age. 

PS I am mega proud of Brandi for finding fitness and sticking with this challenge and making it a lifestyle. You rule and are an inspiration to me. booyah.

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