FOUND /// Five Facts about High School Kelly

Found while unpacking! #blogged @iheartbueno #letterjacket #fivefacts

Lately, we have been going through boxes at my moms house because her and Kelly moved the same week. I forgot how much of our stuff was actually still there. It has been a lot of fun digging through memories, reading old notes, listening to old cd's, and laughing at random stuff we thought was important to keep.

one <> Kelly's nickname from my Grandma is Baby Doll.
two <> Kelly was in Elite all through High School.
three <> Kelly is so smart she would write my school papers for me along with her crazy work load.
four <> Kelly was a waitress in High School at a seafood Joint.  I worked with her when they needed help.
five <> Kelly's first love was a super sweet South African English boy named Dodie.