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DUH! We danced around the kitchen to this song with our praise like hands waving around! Not sure how many times?
This song will always be THAT SONG for me. You know we GOT DOWN to this! I have footage from 3 different Cameras.
Every time we drank out of a coconut this song came out!
Selena!!!!! Need I say more?
This song was stuck in our head the whole trip!
I wish I could listen to this song while I am catching a wave.

In The House, at the pool, laying out on the beach, we always had the music going and here are some of the songs that made our Soundtrack.

We also listened to a lot of incubus on this trip, I'm sure I drove them crazy with that and Third Eye Blind. Thank God for my little JBL speaker. Everything is always better with music, especially hours in the sun. I like making Soundtracks of my trips. There are always a few songs that really stand out and when I hear them it takes me back.