Today I brought my pink hair dryer over to the salon because I felt like we needed to feature some of our favorite products. Who doesn't want big hair big fun? If you don't you're probably not from Texas.

I will start by describing my hair:
Silky- you may think this is awesome but I hate it and I put product in it so it's not so slippery.
Fine- but I have a lot of it.
Limp- because all my layers have grown out.

This is how I fix these problems when I want Big Hair Big Fun:
- I wash with Angel Wash Shampoo- It doesn't weigh my hair down.
- After towel drying I spray Anti Gravity or I use the lotion, then I rub body builder all through my roots.
- Most the time my hair air dries but you get better results if you blowdry your hair upside down.
- Once my hair is dry, I wave my hair with the curl stick, dab Powder Puff at the roots and shake it like a polaroid picture!
- And because I love the smell and the texture it gives, I finish off with spraying Hair Resort. It's like the beach in a bottle!

To learn more about these products check out the Kevin Murphy Site