On Brandi ///
Top <> Bueno Vacation Shirt
Denim Cut offs <> Zara
Boots <> Thrifted
Custom Ring

On Kelly ///
Hat <> Airport in Mexico
Top <> The Bueno Shop
Boots <> Thrifted

On Amy  ///
Top <> Bueno Vacation Shirt
Denim Cutoffs <> Abercrombie and Fitch
Boots <>


Our Custom rings are now available in brass, soon to be silver. Go to our shop and take a look at some of our new key necklaces.

This weekend we all enjoyed spending time with our awesome Pops + Pops-in-law. We grilled out, went to the movies, and still managed time for record shopping. I would say it was a success for all. Ryder, our Nephew, got really into finding records. That kid loves George Straight, Johnny Cash and ZZ Top.

Brandi Today: Gym, then go have breakfast, then make it to my eyelash appointment, shower, head over to the library, chores and budget, then start planning Kelly's birthday weekend with Joseph and end the day with The Bachlorette. Don't forget I watch The Bachlorette after it has been recorded, so I can fast forward through the unbearable parts.

Kelly Today: She's been working hard on updating our shop on her time off from her full time gig and freelancing, so thank you for your patience with us. We will have rings, bracelets, shirts, etc... loaded up in the shop by this weekend. YAY.

Amy has been just soaking up everything that we do. Lucky her, she even had time to go to the Beach this weekend. College kids...